The Marketing Mafia is a monthly membership for everything Marketing; Email Marketing, Content, Organic, Tech, and a heavy dose on Paid Ads!

As a founding member "CAPO*" in the Mafia, you get in at the very affordable price of $37 a month, that's locked in for as long as you stay, no matter what the cost goes up to!

*Capo (noun): In the world of organized crime, a capo holds a position of authority and respect within a mafia family.

Italian word for "boss" or "head," as in FOUNDING MEMBER!

They are the enforcers of loyalty, the orchestrators of power, and the embodiment of the mob's code.


Founding Member Price

Locked for Life!

What's in the MARKETING MAFIA?


We will post insights, what we are seeing currently in marketing, what's working, what's not, new trends, etc Help & Support You can post questions, get help, and brainstorm with fellow members.


Monthly you'll be able to submit something for the team to review; ad campaign, ad copy, creatives, email series, funnel, offers and more. You'll get feedback and suggestions on it all!


Each month there will be an EXPERT Training, on topics such as Email Marketing, Funnel Building, Branding, Websites, Tech, Content Creation & MORE!


Each month there will be training on paid ads, from Meta Ads to Pinterest, Google Ads, and more. Creating campaigns, targeting, ad copy & so much MORE!


to an ever-growing library of constantly updated resources,


in areas like wellness, motivation, finances, and more!

Ya ready to become part of the MARKETING MAFIA Family,


I’m the Founder and CEO of Pierce Media & The Marketing Mafia, based in the United States. I’m a Digital Marketing Strategist & Paid Ads Specialist, I've been referred to as "the Ads Assassin". I’ve been managing Ad campaigns since 2010. way back, and have worked in Marketing since 1997!! Way, Way back. I have a love for all things Marketing!

Enough about me, let's talk about The MARKETING MAFIA and why YOU should JOIN!

The challenge I see is that entrepreneurs & business owners of all walks need help with Marketing, unless you are in the position to hire an entire Marketing Team, you need help; What emails to send? What content should I put out?

What's a funnel and how do I build it? What platforms do I need? How do I structure my offer? and How the heck do I run ads?

Sound familiar? I thought so!

Hiring people to handle all of these, can be expensive, especially if you are starting out, we get it.

This is why the Marketing Mafia was created, a month to month membership to provide on going, real time support, and help to those navigating all things Marketing on their own. (Real Time, not old time)

The Marketing Mafia is a place to ask questions, get help, support others like you, get expert training on just about EVERY. SINGLE. BIT of Marketing (Emails, Funnels, Offers, Organic Social, Content, Tech, Ads) and OOO SO MUCH MORE!

Each month we will have an expert training AND an Ads training, PLUS the chance to submit things for review and feedback from the experts.... and we have some fun things up our sleeve too.

All trainings will be posted in the membership and stored in the resources for review anytime, as much as you like, plus the resources library will be full of lots of items to help you along with the trainings.

AND we will listen to you, the mob, the members of the Mafia, tell us what you need help with, what you want to learn, tell us, and we will get that training for you! Remember, the Mafia is family!

I'm sharing my years of experience and knowledge, along with some amazing Mafia Boss Experts as well, and the best part is, this is flexible, there is nothing set in stone, it's flexible and geared towards YOU!

Imagine, having a team of Marketing Experts at your disposal?

It's not a dream, it's the Marketing Mafia!

READY to be a CAPO (Captain) in the Marketing Mafia?